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Do Not Do Fraxel, Ruined my Face....

Do not let anyone put this laser on your face...I was burned and haven t felt comfortable leaving my home in over a year......At first you may think its ok and you re healing...but the laser goes so deep the real results show later.....NOT PRETTY....

The B/After pics aren t that impressive and its very new...

Stick with tried and true I had better results with peels....

510k FDA is not FDA approved or safe......only says other lasers like it on market.....Don t fall for it....It s all marketing and hype....

WAIT till it s been around longer and they work out the kinks and know how to use it....

Will upload pics later

Updated on Jan 25, 2009:

See my post of the recent study from Dec 2008

I had this procedure 2 years ago at a plastic surgeons office who I ve seen for 9 years for botox resty .I would not recommend it to my worst enemy It seems you may have improvement at first but it causes DNA damage to the existing cells not destroyed..The negative results damage may not be apparent for months or years ..There is not enough research it was put to market to soon and we are the guinni pigs Don t let this laser on your face They have treatments available with long term studies on all skin types that doctors have more experience using

Updated on Feb 4, 2009:

To the company, executives and sales reps, who rushed this laser to market before they did correct and responsible studies. Exploited the system ..Your unscrupulous, irresponsible, marketing, advertising, and buying of doctors is inexcusable.

You are the true criminals of society not drug addicts, burglars, adults abused as children or the mentally ill that fill our prisons You have options yet choose to in danger others for personal gain

You should know I cry everyday and every time I look in the mirror..Your greed, lack of integrity and irresponsibility has ruined life s...My son is hurt when I hide in the car to watch his soccer games. My mother is sad when she watches me isolate myself from the things and people I love because I have sores and scars covering my face now...Knowing It hurts them is the worst feeling I ve ever experienced....One you are obviously incapable of comprehending since you continue these practices today...It s pure evil and you should be the ones crying or sitting in prisons.

Today is my birthday..The second one I will spend sad and crying with sores and scars on my face, I feel like a caged animal, my phone is turned off and I wonder if I will ever look normal again Enjoy a birthday dinner, Cheer on the field at my sons soccer game, Go to lunch with my Mom, Attend parties, Go on vacations, Visit my neighbors or Go out with my friends and family ect ect ..

I hope you read this and I hope you think of us when you enjoy theses simple pleasures you have taken from me and my family Maybe it will take you a few minutes longer to go to sleep tonight??? One can only wish..

To the Doctors performing this procedure Please Take it seriously learn everything before you put it on a patients face...Start with the person you intend to delegate it to...You took an oath when you became a doctor..We count on you to protect and guide us thru the mish mosh of info and the corrupt FDA..
Everyone has a right to make a living especially after so much education...But never at the expense of another....Do your homework...

Do not listen to sales reps.. Or base your decision on delegating this and profit margins..They take no oath, have no education requirements. If you do you don t deserve the title,trust or respect we give you..

You will quickly become a commodity to greedy executives with half your education Please honor your oath and put pressure on peers to disclose..
If I wanted to get a sales reps opinion I d talk to a sales rep Not my doctor .

Updated on Apr 2, 2009:

I felt a strong need to update this based on the positive reviews I am seeing 24 hours after the procedure...  I thought it was fine 24 hours after and was looking forward to the results..

It s impossible review a treatment 24 hours or even weeks after when the results are not visible for months...  While helpful in describing what to expect during treatment they should in no way be taken as a positive result.......
If you read the negative reviews you will notice most are months or years after treatment and are not happy ..They say they look much older or it ruined their skin....At this point you can pretty much determine the final result..

I wanted to make sure people considering this treatment put the appropriate weight on the reviews they read...The length of time after treatment should be taken into consideration when making your decision...As results and complications do not present immediately

Note from RealSelf: Angela (awalk) . Comments from , below, are from her mother.

Fraxel restore is the worst machine out there. I did two spot treatments 2 get rid of age spots and freckle age spots. After one spot treatment my pigmentation is worse, darker and bigger. The freckles joined to one spot. I now have two small areas on my cheeks of pigmentation spots that won't go away it's more noticeable, worse by far and I'm eight months post treatment. Dr Garry Cussell from the facial rejuvenation clinic is Sydney couldn't care nor offer any advice after just one treatment I ended up like this and am now seeing a dermatologist with prescription creams which haven't helped. Fraxel is the worst machine ever
Thank you Cherry. Yes, I am very aware of your daughter's story. I am so sorry. I truly believe that if she were here today she would have found an answer for us. She really helped the Realself community especially those with Fraxel damage. In other words....she was raised right!! Thank you again! Blessings!!
Bowman9 ....I personally never had Fraxel. But I am the Mother of Awalk (Angie). She was several years out of treatment when her face broke out with huge craters and eruptions that would not heal. It was not acne ..but more like blisters that would not heal and would go very deep. She also had major fat loss and lines of demarcation where the fraxel started and stopped. Her immune system was run down and her corneas were burned so bad they could not be donated after she passed. She stopped living for two years and would not leave her home or let anyone see her including me (her Mother) she lived in HELL and Died in peace October 16 2009. The autopsy read aneurysm.... but also mentioned the deep and irregular scars on her face. I hope this helps anyone possibly thinking of doing this treatment. It is NOT time tested..... her injuries became worse two year AFTER her treatments. Live with what you have as beauty is from the inside.
Cherry lane
I had damage from the laser too and have lived in total depression. I found something that has helped a great deal. From the natural health sore I put on dmso and tamanu oil and leave it on as long as I can. Sometimes I put is on 5 times a day, but usually only once. Both help burns and help repair the skin. It has helped a lot!!

How far out are you from your last treatment? Do you have fat loss or just texture issues.
Thanks for sharing.
I had laser treatments done for hair removal on my face. I had severe migraines after the treatments and a year down the track very severe pigmentation and facial atrophy. I only in my 20's but am ageing very quickly as if iam 40 yrs old. If i can do anything to help another i would. I almost died from depo provera side effects contraceptive and now realising the impact laser is having on me. I have been very vain in my young age and feel like i'am being punished. I'am managing alot of my health and stress with the raw food lifestyle. Most of the treatments out there is copying what nature has already given us. I trully wish humans will see that nature was on our doorstep this whole time and we ignored it. If i could help someone to feel young and vibrant again the raw lifestyle is the way to go. Please read the ringing cedars as it holds alot of secrets to life. Nature is the answer.
OMG Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. My heart goes out to you. I think we can all learn from your experience.I wanted to try the Fraxel Laser for my stretchmarks on my stomache, but after reading about your experience you just made me love my stomache the way it is. I pray that you will find a cure for your skin. I am so sorry this happened to you. May God bless you.
Agree completely with richG. I got Fraxel done when the laser was newly introduced into the market (years ago)...back when you had to have the blue stuff on your face. I paid $3000 for a package of 5 treatments, to be performed about 2 weeks apart. After the 3rd treatment I stopped. My face swelled severely after each treatment then the swelling subsided, and I was OK with this, but after the 3rd treatment, the left side of my face remained swollen. The Dr. prescribed steroids after it was clear that the remainder of the swelling wasn't going to subside. For almost a year, my face ached in the cheek area and for a few months, my left eye twitched constantly. At one point I was convinced I had Trigeminal Neuralgia...the pain was that bad at times! Over the years the pain has subsided but is still present some days. The eye twitching stopped after about a year (thank goodness - that was uncomfortable and unsettling). The area remains slightly swollen to this day, although people really don't notice it.

What did I learn from this? First of all, the Dr. who performed the procedure was a board-certified general surgeon who wanted to capitalize on the new laser services. Nice guy, but not a facial plastic/cosmetic surgeon or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Never again will I have something like that done to my face by someone who isn't specialized facial cosmetic/plastic surgery. Second, in almost everything you choose to do for aesthetic purposes that involves lasers, surgery, and even injections, there is an element of risk. You read about non-invasive procedures with little to no down time, and think that they must be safe. There is ALWAYS risk. So, before you do anything, do your homework. Make sure the Dr. has a great reputation and is a board-certified plastic/facial cosmetic surgeon. Also, I wouldn't immediately go for the latest thing that's getting a lot of hype in the marketplace. Time-tested, "tried and true" services/technology, in the hands of an experienced, reputable, well-qualified surgeon, is paramount.
On the upside, I can say that the 3 treatments I had really made a difference in the appearance and firmness of my skin.
My mother was severely burned on her face at one time, and this Dermablend makeup is the best. You should not have to miss out on any soccer games or anything in life. I pray that your skin heals up and recovers. A friend of mine had Fraxel done and she is not happy with the results either.
Have you heard of copper peptides by skin biology? Copper peptides help to remove scars/damaged skin by remodeling and regenerating the skin.
Hi Natasha - I use Dr Pickhart copper peptide products for hypo pigmentation caused by a fraxel treatment. Dr Pickharts products are the only products that have actually help and made a difference. You need to use the products slowly in the doses recommended. Going to strong to quickly can ruin the skin. The copper peptides do work, but it's not an overnight solution. I have been using the products for almost 5 months now and the going is slow, but there is improvement.
How soon after your last treatment did you start using the copper peptides? Did you ever try retin a? I am a year out as well. Did you have texture issues as well?
oh my god, those open wounds look so painful!! i was almost convinced on Fraxel repair but now I am scared shitless of the procedure
i really wish you the best and i hope your problem subsides asap.
your skin may not be beautiful right now, but your heart sure is. thank you so much for your review and photos.
also, there's ongoing research on skin treatments, i wouldn't be surprised if they found a cure for whatever you have in the near future
take care!
Many of us have had these same horrible results from fractional laser. The fat in my face melted and my thyroid function was damaged. There are plenty of complaints to the FDA regarding lasers and IPL and I talk to other victims every day. It's common and if it happens to you it's truly a nightmare.
I am not saying everyone will have damage..... I was just saying I KNOW a lot who have and regardless who does the procedure...... bottom line the machines should be regulated and held responsible for fixing who ever suffers from damage. The way it stands now the manufacturers can't be held liable!!! They sell the machine make there big bucks and Wham they are home free!! Doctors, spa's and skin centers are the ones who get blamed. They are still paying for the machine and reeling people in by the handfuls. Someone needs to be in control of what is happening in the laser world!!!! Just my opinion and wish for my daughter! I think we are thinking along the same line!
My point was there may have been misuse of the laser. I didn’t have any reaction nor has anyone I know. There are tens of thousands of people who have had this done since 2003 including much news worthy persons that have not had adverse effects. I think that it is not necessarily correct to say everyone “will have” an issue and it’s just a matter of time, for me this summer it will be six years with no issues. I think it is possible to say there are too many untrained people using it that shouldn’t be. No matter how good her physician was he let someone else do this to her, he did not do the procedure himself – the company should find a way to certify physicians ONLY and limit selling it to physicians who have been through training. There are offices that let estheticians use it on a patient which is totally unsafe; would anyone let a nurse or esthetician do surgery on them – or an intern with no experience? Why would a laser be any different?
I have five Fraxel treatments done over five years ago with no side effects except nice results.
I have a suspicion that your doctor was not that experienced and that the laser was turned up way to high, scarring your skin.
The doctor who did mine did others and I interviewed them before hand. I don’t know of anyone who didn’t like their results. I live near you but in Annapolis, MD. small town so word of mishaps travel fast and he never had any.
I am so happy you had great results with Fraxel and your skin may look great ..... for now. So did my daughters at first her disastrous results came two years later. This is the point she was trying to make to everyone...... damage may not happen for years. Angela went to a well known dermatologist in the Tidewater area. he had been treating her skin for 9 years..... she believed in his work and in him. She thought she would be pleased with her results when her face healed..... unfortunately it never did and this caused her great distress and depression and she became a recluse and did not leave her house for two years... she passed Oct. 2009 with her face with holes and skin damage. The Doctors who did this to her are still in practice today. Please take care of your face and sun is now your worst enemy. Be very cautious! I wish you the best. I LOve Annapolis...... we lived in Owings Mills for a while!
Cherry, please check your email. I sent you a message regarding a Fox news reporter who would like to speak with you regarding Angela.
I have e-mailed him and tried to call him... his mail box was full. I left my home phone number for him. I hope this helps.
Great, Cherry! If you left him your number, he will call you. He called me, as I got the same message as you about his VM being full. He really wants to speak with you. He hopes to do an even bigger piece later.
I sure wish she was too hon. Please know her life did matter and she made a huge impression here on the boards and it is obvious what a wonderful Mother she has. I am so sorry for your cancer ordeal. I am exactly one yr. and a mo. surviving uterine cancer myself. I have a son with schizophrenia who is pretty much not mentally present in this world himself so I deeply sympathize with your pain on many levels. Just know that from one woman and mother to another you are special -heard- and people truly do care. ;) AND for EVERYONE posting here, THANK YOU! Knowledge is Power so the more we share the more we can better manage our health and care in general.
Oh how I wish my Angie were here to read this..... she would be all over it!!! LOL Yes so many things are left unanswered and our sickness is always made to feel it is in our heads...or somehow we are bringing on all these symptoms on our own. being a 4 year breast cancer survivor.....I try to be more aware of how I treat my body. But one NEVER knows what we are eating and drinking and consuming through the air. I find now that every ache /pain or illness is now blamed on depression ..due to the loss of my daughter. I admit my mental state is overwhelmed and still grieving........ the physical pain is side effects from radiation and chemo. I approach my medical care with a very hands on approach..... There is always room for error so I keep a health log. . One must always be responsible for there health the best they can and communication with the Doctors is a must! Thanks for the info!!
May I also add I lived in md/va. and our well water was contaminated from exxon leaking MTBE in our rivers and streams. The MD> dept of natural resources took it upon themself which was published in the AEGIS Harford Co. newspaper to dump MYCOPLASMA in our rivers and streams to EAT the fuel additive. Brilliant I know however terribly true so who knows how this could have given me such a high titer over time. Makes us wonder huh? Pulled this from a site to consider.
Mycoplasma have been linked with several chronic diseases, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome, gulf war syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis. There is a definite correlation between these diseases and mycoplasmal infections, although the connection remains obscure. In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome Mycoplasma sp. were found in 62.9% and 50% of patients respectively in a study done by Nasralla et al. They also found that more than 50% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis had mycoplasmal infections, and 36% of these patients had multiple infections by different species of Mycoplasma. In studies with Gulf War illness, about 50% of patients had mycoplasmal infections, leading to the rumor that the Gulf War was the first war in which biological weapons were used. Namely weapons with biologically engineered strains of Mycoplasma (this is still just a rumor).
The most common symptoms associated with mycoplasmal infections include night sweats, intermittent fevers, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, increased dermal sensitivity, joint and muscle pain, swelling and reduced mobility of joints, heart palpitations, pain and arrhythmia, stomach cramps and regurgitation, loss of vision, double vision, and the list can go on. Although there is a clear link between Mycoplasma infection and the above-mentioned diseases, it is unclear which is the precursor. Mycoplasma may cause these various diseases, or it may be an opportunistic pathogen that colonizes a host with a weak immune system, and causes a secondary infection.
I absolutely cannot imagine your pain as I am a mother also. As I mentioned I TRULY just want you to be able to get the RIGHT answers to all your and your loved ones questions. You AND She deserve this. Yes the laser docs SHOULD have paid more attention to her symptoms and at least referred her to a good medical internist in consideration of her symptoms, I am just sick they dropped the ball there. I thank God I was so lucky that the necropsy/autopsy gave this clue as I then asked My docs about as my condition was just slowly getting worse and worse with not one explanation as all tests showed nothing. My skin started literally disintegrating! I would sleep on my pillows only to find the sores stuck to my bed pillows when awaking and was DEEPLY upset as it worsened. I truly know if it hadn't been for the result of the overwhelming infection found by JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY in necropsy of this dog I would have died. The docs were baffled and frustrated leaving me completely alone in my pain and misery. I had painful biopsies of the sores and lesions and the only thing that came back from the lab was it was caused by an allergic reaction. To what was the pressing question??? I was and am an athlete. No drugs, alcohol and very health conscience. If I had died of a later complication I am very sure that the cause would've never been truly found. I DO KNOW that since I have had fat transfer by a very good doc. in connecticut and She certainly tests you first to see if an infection is present before you ever undergo a procedure. She requests a full work up and it will show if there is an active infection by elevated white blood cells. THIS is a good and thorough doc who I would trust IMO. Maybe if anything you can ask these laser cos. to make it mandatory before doing ablative procedures to make sure they order this workup as it could see problems for people and maybe save lives.
Warmly with hugs- Elizabeth
My daughter initially found Dr. Gentile online, while she was looking for a plastic surgeon...

Hy! i am 25 years old and i had my first fraxel treatment yesterday. i suffered my whole...

This is my first treatment and just like others have stated, it was painful. I have scars...

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